Gudhjem Smokehouse works as a restaurant and shop where all the delicious smoked products and other Bornholm specialties can be bought to take home. There is freshly smoked herring every day throughout the season. Gudhjem Røgeri (Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 9, 3760) is centrally located just after Gudhjem harbour with a beautiful ocean view.

Bech Chokolade

There are many good reasons to take a stroll through the Gudhjem harbour One of them, is the little chocolate shop BECH Chokolade. A fine and wide assortment of hand crafted chocolate, honey cakes and flødebolller (a classic Danish treat you must try). Do not forget to try the famous Spejderkugle, which are delicious milk chocolate truffles filled with liquid liquorice caramel and rolled in fine liquorice powder, they are highly addictive, be careful.

Sørens Værtshus

if you are visiting the idyllic fishing village of Snogebæk, make sure you make time to visit Sørens Værtshus or "Sørens", as the locals call it. Snogebæk is located in the middle of Bornholm´s two best beaches, Balka and Dueodde. When lunch time hits the clock, you can order one of Sørens´s stone baked deep-pan pizzas. It´s located in a charming old red fisherman´s cabin with cozy ourdoor lighting and a happy atmosphere. Since 1972, it has been a big hit for both locals and tourists. If you choose to come by for dinner there is free live music to enjoy with local stars and other featured artist from around the world.

live music in Sørens værtshus every night from july to august. SEE MUSIC PROGRAM