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At Café Klint, we adapt to the seasons and prioritize quality ingredients. We offer an exquisite menu with delicious dishes and beverages. From heartwarming tomato soup to refreshing rhubarb trifle, to avocado on rye bread with toasted seeds, herbs, and chili, or our chicken salad with bacon on toasted rye bread. Taste the delicate salmon roulade on fresh salad with ramson dressing, and finish with our irresistible chocolate cake. At Café Klint, you get a taste of Bornholm in every bite.

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Try our delicious selection of open sandwiches and fish. Experience our herring platter with marinated, curry, and Hammershus spiced herring, salted herring with Bornholm mustard, or warm fish patties with remoulade. Taste our pan-fried fish fillet, smoked salmon on rye bread, or lemon-marinated shrimp. And for the true classics, try "Sol over Gudhjem" or our Parisian beef patty on French bread.

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Try our Caesar salad á la Klint with chicken, warm smoked salmon with cottage cheese dressing, or nachos with cheese, jalapenos, salsa, and guacamole. Choose from our selection of fries with a choice of dip or enjoy olives and salted almonds. Visit us and savor the taste of our flavorful salads and snacks.

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Sandwich & Burger

Try our chicken sandwich with crispy bacon and homemade curry dressing, Klintburger with grilled beef tenderloin and crème fraiche dressing, or sandwich with warm smoked salmon and cottage cheese dressing. Choose between regular bread or freshly baked rye bread from Bager Mortensen in Nexø.

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We have delicious children's dishes. Choose between fish fillet or fish meatballs with bread or fries. Additionally, we offer a tasty children's burger with ketchup, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, and fries. A satisfying meal with tasty options for the little ones.

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