The taste of bornholm


served till 11.30 am

MAY: Chicken salad on toasted rye bread 82,-

JUNE: Gravad salmon on rye bread with dillmustarddressing 95,-

JULY: Rhubarb lomonade 45,-

AUGUST: Anchovies and grilled bread 70,-

SEPTEMBER: Mushroom a´la cream on toasted bread 92,-

OCTOBER: Parisian steak 125,-

* all of our coffee, milk and soy milk are certified organic

** please inform our staff abourt any allergies or dietary restrictions


from 11.30 - 21.00

Croissant 25,-

Müslibun with butter, cheese & marmelade 45,-

Eco Skyr with rhubarb & granola 60,-

Advocado on rye bread 72,-

Sunny Salmon: Toasted rye bread, cream cheese, smoked salmon, advocado and herbs 88,-

Klints breakfast plate: Sausage, serrano ham, 2 cheeses, marmelade, bread and butter 110,-

Boiled egg +15,-

Fresh pressed juice 50/ 70,- 

Homemade Ginger shot 30,-

Mimosa: Carva & orangejuice 75,-

Kir Royal: Cava & Creme de mure 75,-

*all of our coffee, milk and soy milk are certified organic

openfaced sandwiches & fish

from 11.30 - 21.00

Herring tasting plate with marinated, curry, and Hammershus spiced herring, bread, lard and butter 125,-

Salted and fried herring with Bornholm mustard, homemade pickled beets and caramelised onion 86,-

Hot fishcakes with homemade remoulade, lemon and rye bread 96,-

With pommes frites +15,-

Pan fried breaded fish fillet with homemade remoulade and rye bread 99,-

With pommes frites +15,-

Sol over Gudhjem: smoked herring with radish, egg yolk and chives 86 ,-

Smoked salmon with rye bread and mustard dressing with dill 96,-

Cold potatos on rye bread and Hammershus spiced herring with bacon and homemade curry dressingrye 96,-

Can be made vegetarian

Lemon marinated shrimps on rye bread with homemade dressing 96,-

Salads & Snacks

from 11.30 - 21.00

Café Klint´s chicken cesar salad, served with bread 96,-

Smoked salmon and cottage cheese with mixed salad 112,-

Grilled Chevre chaud servered on bread with mixed salad, semidried tomatos and pesto 96,-

Nachos with cheese, jalapeños, salsa and guacamole 68,- with chicken +10,-

Homemade crispbread with 3 dips 68,-

Homemade crispbread with 2 cheeses 68,-

Olives and salted almonds 48,-

Sandwichs & Burgers

from 11.30 - 21.00

Klint´s burger with grilled beef fillet, creme fraiché dressing, french fries and homemade chilimayo 138,-

Chicken sandwich with bacon, homemade curry dressing, served with tortilla chips and salsa 120,- with french fries +15,-

Warm smoked salmon sandwich with a herbed cottage cheese dressing 118,-

Sandwich with serrano ham, grilled Chevre chaud, pesto, and mixed salad with olive tapanade. 120,-

Can be made vegetarian

Sandwich with eggplant, tomatohumus & avocado 120,-

vegetarian - can be made vegan

* all sandwich can be ordered on rye bread, our rye bread is freshly baked from Bakery Mortensen in Nexø

Evening Only

from 17.00 - 21.00

Klint´s Tapas; Sausage with olive tapenade, smoked salmon with mustard dilldressing, humus, lemon marinated shrimp, air-dried ham, Bornhom Bleu and mint&honey almonds 178,-

Grilled Chicken breast with french fries and bearnaise 165,-

Steak bearnaise with french fries 199,-

Childrens menu

from 11.30 - 21.00

Breaded fish fillet with bread or french fries 70,-

Fishcakes with bread or french fries 70,-

Child burger with ketchup, cucumber, tomatio, lettuce and french fries 78,-