wine, cocktails, cold and warm drinks


Cava Valdelavia 70/270,-

Cremant d´Alsace 80/330,-

White wine

House wine: Spanish Beso de Vino Garnacha Blanca 60/220,-

dry, fresh with floral notes of pineapple & lime

Rosedale Ridge Chardonnay 1/2 btl. 115,-

Dr. Loosen Mosel Riesling 74/300,-

dry, fresh with citrus and floral notes

Les Paradis Blanc Chablis 400,-

Fresh and lively aroma of hay and green apple with notes of lime flowers, mint and cucumber

Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand 390,-

Passionfruit and mango notes with a crisp tart ending

Grove Ridge Chardonnay Californien 70/260,-

Pecorino Vola Volé 280,-

Sancerre Frankrig 390,-

Rosé Wine

House wine: Spanish Beso de Vino Garnacha 60/220,-

Fresh and fruity with a ripe berry aroma and ending with strawberry notes

Pinot Noir VDF Jaffelin France 74/300,-

red wine

House wine: Beso de Vino 60/220,-

half dry with full bodied flavour 

Rosedale Ridge Shiraz/Merlot 1/2 btl. 115,-

full bodied with warm fruit notes and a well balanced ending

Grove Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, Californien 70/260,-

Lavignone Babera d´Asti Piemonte 78/360,-

Opens with berry and plum notes and closes with a clove and cardamom spiced feeling 

Costal Ridge Zinfandel USA 275,-

Pinot Noir New Zealand 380,-

Pinot Noir Languedoc 345,-

drinks & Coctails

Tequila Sunrise 70,-

Tequila, orange juice, grenadine

White Russian 70,-

The Dude

Sweet Summer 70,-

Elderflower, Long drink

Ginger 70,-

wittrock special

Dark & Stormy 85,-

dark rum, Ginger Beer

Aperol Spritz 85,-

Italys national aperitif

Negroni 85,-

Classic cocktail

Old Fashion 85,-

Don Drapers favorite

Gin Hass 70,-

G & T 70/85,-

Hendricks, bulldog, monkey 47, organic sacred, old english, citadel, Local Bornholm gin

Zccapa Rum 23 anjos 4 cl 70,-

Ferrand Ambre 4 cl 70,-

Grand Champagne Cognac

after nine PM

Cosmopolitan 95,-

Sex and the City

Mojito 95,-

Cubas national cocktail

Espresso Martini 95,-

new fashion coffee cocktail

Daiquri 95,-

Maybe Hemingway was here

Bramble 95,-

Blackberry cocktail


Shirley Temple 50,-

Arnold Palmer Aromatisk isthe 50,-

warm Temptations

Irish Coffee 55/70,-


Mexican Coffee 70,-


French Coffee 55/70,-

Grand Marnier

Italian Coffee 55/70,-


Lumumba 60/85,-

Cognac & Cacao

Bailey Latte 65,-